Creating a new delivery request

1. In the home page, click on the "New delivery request" button on the left corner

2. The new form will appear on your screen:

3. Select a Content Producer from the drop down list or start typing a name:

4. Select the due date to indicate to your Content Producer when s-he should deliver the request:

5. Give your delivery request a title:

6. Give a delivery description. It will be used to brief your content producer and can include a lot of details.

You can also add as many file as required to give explanations to your content producer. It can include PDF files, images, video, text and in general any file required.

You can decribe the content of these files if needed to help the Content Producer to identify them.

Simply click on the button : "Add a file"

All these contents will be available to the Content Producer.

7. Click on "add media request" button under history:

8. A new form will appear on the right hand side :

9. Start adding a media title:

10. Then start filling the information requested on the "Media Description" fields:

On Media type, select the type of file you want the CP to deliver, for ex. Audio (This was previously configured as Platform Admin)

On Brand, select where the content belongs to according to your business department

On Location, click on browse to search and select the category where it will be ingested the asset into your DAM:

Once you click the category in the new window and you click on Select, your category will appear on the media description fields:

11. Fill in the Media Rights fields:

12. As final step, check the technical controls you would like to apply to the files that are going to be uploaded by the CP (These requirements where previously configured by the Platform Admin):

After completing the information, click on SAVE button so you don't lose any changes

13. Send your delivery request to the Content Producer, when all mandatory fields are filled in you can click on the "send to CP" button:

14. If you don't want to send your delivery yet or you don't have all the requested information, click on the "Save" button on the left side of the form. You will find it later on the DELIVERIES Tab on the left menu of your dashboard.

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  • 13-Apr-2017