Menu Bar - AUTOCATALOG tab

1. The AUTOCATALOG tab is where you can manage the system in charge of ingesting files into your DAM as Content Manager:


2.It’s composed by three sub tabs “To do”, “Queue” and “Done” that you will find at the center of the top bar:

On the “To do” tab you will find assets that couldn’t be ingested into the DAM.


On the “Queue tab” you will find assets that are being processed by the automatic system to publish them in the DAM. You will find on the overview several fields that will help you know where is the asset coming from, for ex. “Media” title, “File” name, “ID” of the delivery, title of the “Delivery”, “Status” will always be “in progress” and you will also find at the end of the overview the details about the date and time when the process “Started” and if there is a fail on the process, when was the “Last update”. This field shows when the system was retrieved for the last time in order to try to ingest again the asset into the DAM. The first field on the overview will tell you the “DAM ID” if the assets are being ingested into the DAM. In the beginning of the process you won’t see any ID, it is normal as the asset has not yet being ingested:


On the “Done” tab you will find all the assets that were successfully ingested into your DAM:


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  • 29-Dec-2016