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what can be found in AUTOCATALOG?

The AUTOCATALOG tab is where you can manage the system in charge of sending files into your DAM.

Click on AUTOCATALOG from your menu bar.


This page is composed by three sub tabs called To do, Queue and Done that you will find at the center of the top bar.

Click on To do and you will find the assets that could not be published in your DAM.

Click on the Queue tab and you will find the assets that are being processed by the automatic system to publish them in your DAM. Each row is an asset for which you will find useful information.

On the overview several fields help you to know which asset is on waiting, its characteristics, status, and more. For instance: "Media" title, "File" name, "ID" of the delivery, title of the "Delivery", "Status" (always "in progress"), date and time when the process "Started".

When the process failed, more information will be found on "Last update" meaning when was the last time the process was restarted to send again the asset into the DAM.

The first field on the overview will tell you the "DAM ID" if the assets is being sent to the DAM. In the beginning of the process the field is empty, it means the asset has not yet being sent.

Click on the Done tab where all the assets that were successfully sent are visible

Type on the search bar at the top of the page to find an asset by keywords

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