How to create a new email notification?

It is useful to receive email notifications when an asset has passed the controls, when the audit process is completed or other action was accomplished on veriflies.

To create a new notification you can do so by following the steps below.

  As a Platform Administrator go to the Notifications tab available in the menu bar

Click the green button "Add new" on the right

  A form will appear on your screen which you need to fill in with the new parameters

On the first field "event" select the type of action that will trigger the email notification

In "Recipients" select the users that will receive the notification, you can select one or several roles

On "Email channel" you can enable the new notification so it will be operational as soon as you save the configuration. If the disable option is chosen, the notification will not be active but you can save the information and come back later to enable it


Add a title to your notification on "Email subject" field

You can use the "Available placeholders" above “Email subject” field to personalize the information. In there you will find different options to enrich your text.

On the print screen above we composed the email subject by using an Audit placeholder that indicates its "ID" and a Link which provides the "URL" to access the Audit.

To finish, add a full description on the "Email content" field. The information written here will be sent to the user when the event is triggered by the platform

 Click on Save button when you are done writing the content.