How to create a new technical control?

To verify the compliance of assets uploaded on the platform you need to create a new technical control following the steps below:

  Go to Parameters Tab and click Technical controls in the menu bar


Click on the green Add new button on the right side of the platform to start creating a new technical control on your platform


  A new form appears on your screen

Add a "Title" for your technical control and select now the type of format required on the "Extensions" field, for ex. TIFF

New fields will be shown according to the type of format selected. You can fill in those you wish to control following your guidelines.

The Mandatory box on the right sets up a requirement compulsory when the Content Producer uploads a file and wants to send the delivery.

For example: Type of format TIFF is checked mandatory and you request a new delivery to a Content Producer with this technical control. It means that the Content Producer can’t send the delivery with a file of a different format (JPEG). Instead, s-he has to upload a compliant file with TIFF format in order to send the delivery.

Here is a new technical control example.

The title is “TIFF for images”, set a "file size limit" to 250 MB, min width 300 px, check this last control as mandatory and to finish set a minimal resolution to 150 dpi:

Many possibilities are offered to configure your guidelines. For instance:

  • Set minimum and maximum dimensions for both width and height
  • Set only a minimum or maximum dimension for either width and height
  • Instead of entering min and max values, enter only specific dimensions on the box "specific"
  • You could also enter an aspect ratio value

After clicking on Save, you will find the new technical control on the overview of Technical controls tab

Now when a Content Manager creates a delivery, the new parameter will appear on the delivery form

Click on the "i", that is the information icon, right next to the technical control to see all the specifications you have previously configured.