Analyze a new delivery request - Full rejection example

1. When you receive a delivery completed by the Content Producer, you will find it on the Home tab of your Menu bar:


2. To open the delivery click on the overview information highlighted in yellow. In this example, clicking on the ID 99 opens the delivery form:


3. To check the files in the delivery you need to open, one by one, every media added to the delivery. In the example below you see media #1 Video “Awaiting CM validation”, when you click on it the files will appear on the right side of your screen:


4. The controls you might apply on the delivery depends on your guidelines. You should first start verifying the information on the Media Description and Media Rights sections:


5. Then you have to verify all the Media Requirements:


On the right side of the thumbnail, the compliance score made by the system is shown on every file uploaded by the Content Producer.

6. If the compliance score is poor and the file is not matching your quality requirements, click on REJECT.


A rejection doesn’t publish the asset into your DAM. Instead, the delivery will be sent back to your Content Producer to upload a new file and replace the non-compliant one.

7. On the comments box add the reason of your rejection. The information will be sent to the Content Producer:  


8. Then go to the main window, you will see any file was validated on the status: "0/1 Validated"


9. In the main form you can now click on the green button “Send rejections to CP” at the bottom of the page to finish your delivery analysis


10. After finishing, you will be redirected to the DELIVERIES tab