Introducing Hints: Guide me!

As a Content Manager and as a Content Producer when you login to the platform you will find a "Guide me!" link next to the button "New delivery request"


When you click on it, pop-ups will appear guiding you step by step through the platform to create a new delivery request and validate it afterwards (as Content Manager) or complete a delivery request (as Content Producer).

Every time you get a pop-up it means you have an action to do. To continue to the next step you need to do the action mentionned or click on "Next". We will see this in detail below. Whenever you wish to stop the tour, click on the "End tour" button.

First, let's review the pop-ups as a Content Manager when you wish to create a new delivery request.

1. Here is the first action to do, click on the button "New delivery request" or just click on the "Next" button shown on the pop-up: 


2. Now choose the Content Producer that you wish to send this new delivery request. If you click on Next, the name shown on the "Content Producer" field will be auto-selected:

3. After choosing the Content Producer, you need to choose a delivery due date. This field is mandatory, you can't skip the step:

4. Then you are guided to create a new media request (every delivery is composed by medias). Click on the button:

5. After filling all the fields in the media form shown on the right of the screen, you need to save the changes as shown on the second to last pop-up:

6. After saving, you are ready to send your delivery. On the last pop-up click on the button "Send to Content Producer". If you click on "End tour", the pop-up will disappear but it will not send the delivery:

Secondly, let's review the hints for the Content Producer.

After the Content Manager sends a delivery request, the Content Producer previously selected will need to complete it.

1. When you login as Content Producer, the first pop-up will immediately appear on the HOME tab, positionned on the delivery you have to complete. To open the delivery you can click on the delivery or just click on "Next" :

2. After clicking on next, the delivery will open and you the second action to do is to open the media previously created by the Content Manager:

3. The media form will open on the right side of your screen, you can check now what is requested by your Content Manager and upload compliant files:

If you upload a non-compliant file, you will get a new pop-up suggesting you to upload a new file:

4. In the contrary, when you upload a compliant file, you can now save the changes as indicated on the second to last pop-up:

5. Here is your last action to do, send your delivery for validation. If you click on end tour button the delivery won't be sent so click on "send to content manager" button: 

Finally, let's review the last hints on the platform. Those when a Content Manager needs to validate a delivery requested after being completed by the Content Producer.

1. When you login as Content Manager (and you have already sent a delivery request) you will get a new pop-up on the HOME tab, on the delivery to validate:

2. After opening the delivery or clicking on next, you will see the second pop-up guiding you to the media request:

3. Then when opening the media request, you will see the media form on the right side of the screen and you need to decide to validate or not the file uploaded by the Content producer:

4. After choosing an option, save your changes as indicated on the pop-up:

5. And finish by publishing the files when you validate:

If you choose to Reject the file, you will see a different button at the end :

To know more about creating, completing and validating a delivery request, the articles below should help you:

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