What is audit settings?

In the audit Settings tab you can see the link between an information provided in the audit result and a field in the DAM.

Go to settings tab where a new page will display.

For instance, in the print screen below you can see that "CM user" information from the audit result is visible in the "DAM Audit Date" metadata.

These links between an audit result information and a DAM metadata are editable.

Let's say you want to change the information in "DAM Audit Date": click on the arrow next to the field to see a drop down list with available options.

Select the new value as in the print screen below.

Finish by clicking on the save button.

Your new settings are now registered!

You can also decide not to write the information as a DAM metadata. Then you need to click on the cross next to the field.

A message appears now in the field confirming "Don't write to DAM metadata"

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  • 27-Dec-2018