Who is the Audit Manager?

An Audit Manager, sometimes called content manager, is a person in charge of the quality compliance of digital assets.

In a DAM system, there are numerous digital assets in the form of images, audio recordings and videos. Working with dozens of creative agencies and professionals (content producers) means constantly checking the quality of the content feeding your DAM.

If you are in this position, you must know now that it is very time-consuming to check all the digital contents one by one manually. In particular technical requirements can't be detected by a human without technological means.

As an Audit Manager you ensure the quality of digital contents through technical controls such as size, dimension, color space, etc. In veriflies you are in charge of running an audit that is easily automatized and applicable to hundreds of assets on a fast pace.

An audit is a process of evaluating the metadata and technical specifications of uploaded assets in the DAM. In order to make an audit, the audit or content manager is required to define a checklist of specifications, or metadata comparisons, which is basically establishing rules to check the accuracy of the asset in your DAM and the company requirements for those assets.

The process allows you to correct mistakes and standardized your content.

The graph below shows the audit flow. A content manager creates and runs an audit through veriflies. The latter calls the assets in the DAM aimed according to the audit definitions and retrieves the pertinent information.

veriflies finally shows the results to the content manager.

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  • 27-Dec-2018