How to parameter a new technical control?

If you are signed in to veriflies as an Audit Manager you can parameter new technical controls.

Select the tab Technical Controls and click on Add new button

A new page appears where you enter the technical controls. First, define a title, for example you could enter "Image control". Second, type an extension like "jpeg" and activate or not if its a mandatory control in the box provided for that purpose. Third, you could enter a file size range.

Now new parameter fields appear on your screen that are related to the extension chosen. For instance, on the left side of the print screen below you can see that for jpeg files you can set dimensions in pixels with a minimum and maximum width and height, as well as the resolution in dpi, aspect ratio and color space.

On the right side in the print screen below you can set the background dominance of an image, the scene size area, the scene position, the blur level and the background transparency.

Parameters are all optional to fill in. You can leave fields in blank provided that you do not mark them as mandatory.

Every parameter can be set to mandatory in the box provided for that purpose on the right side of the field.

After completing the form with your new technical controls for images, click on save button at the bottom of the form.

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  • 26-Dec-2018