How to create an Audit rule check list?

After setting the first steps of your audit you are ready to create an audit rule check list. Remember you are in a new page after clicking on definitions tab and add new button.

One final box displays in your screen indicating you can add new checks for your audit:

Click on add check button to select an option available. There are three options from the drop down list which are: compare metadata, apply technical control, and custom expression.

As an example, let's set a rule that implies making a comparison between metadata. In check type field select "compare metadata", enter the metadata you wish to compare. Here it is the "copyright information". Select the comparison type to apply and enter a check error message that will be visible in the audit report.

Add as many check types as you want by clicking again in the add check button. In this example you can see in the print screen above there is an additional check type that is "apply technical control".

This rule implies controlling a parameter already set in the technical controls tab, which is called "Linkedin- Image". The image to be controlled is the original final and there is no check error message added in here.

When your audit rule check list is ready click on save button so you don't lose the new information entered. You can select the button run audit to start your checks.