Where can I download the audit report?

When veriflies runs an audit it provides a report which enables users to verify whether the digital assets meet the compliance criteria. That information is available in the home page where you can find the audit results.

The report assures the quality of the digital assets by offering a control of technical aspects and also the contents of the images, audios or videos.

For instance, veriflies can efficiently check the sharpness of the image, the dimensions and positioning of the product in the image, the background quality, as well as the file format. For each part of the control, veriflies checks whether the digital asset complies with the acceptance ranges and produces a detailed report for each file checked.

Go to home page where you will first find statistics about your audits. Then you will see a list describing key information about your audits: source definition, status, item count, audit results, the user's name who created the audit, and the date it was created.

Choose one of the audit available from the list

Click on the sheet icon

Decide whether you want to open or save the Excel file in your local computer

Now you will find in this file different information concerning your audit, for example the ID, processing date, status, results, errors and two URL's: one from veriflies that allows you to find the audit in the platform, and another one that is a link to your DAM asset.

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  • 27-Dec-2018