Where can I see my audit results?

Go to the home page which provides you a full list with your historical audit data as you can see in the print screen below.

At the top you will find a timeline with the number of audits processed in the past 15 days.

To see more about an audit click on the eye icon on the right and a new page will display:

This page provides information about the audit process in general and detailed information for each asset checked.

The general information is shown with graphical representations distributed in three boxes.

In the first box called Audit completion you will find the title given to the audit when it was created, the status (could be finished or on-going), the percentage of completion, the items that have passed the audit criteria, and the ones that failed, contain errors or that were skipped. A progress bar in the bottom shows graphically the audit completion.

In the second box entitled Audit failed asset check groups is visible the counting of the assets that have failed the audit process.

In the third box Passed check percentage you will see a bar showing the number of assets passed in green and the failed ones in red.

Concerning the detailed information about the assets of your audit in current view you will find again a list showing the DAM ID, status, results, result details, and when was the last update.

To see more information about the assets checked in an audit click on the hyperlink Details on the right:

A new page will display where you can find four main boxes:

The first box General details shows the audit definition with its result, when it was finished and the DAM asset URL which redirects you to your DAM and the asset that was checked.

The second box shows the check details and every audit check that was performed. In the print screen above you will see the first audit check that was done in the selected asset. It contains the type of check that was done with its result, and the title given to this check.

In addition, this box shows the type of technical control done, e.g. file size, extensions, color space, width and height; the target value previously set in veriflies. Finally, you can see the value controlled in your DAM assets.

The last box Current metadata matches the metadata between verifilies and your DAM.

Lastly, there is available an asset thumbnail that helps you identifying which asset has been controlled through an image.

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  • 27-Dec-2018