Where can I find the audit summary of an asset?

In verifilies every audit records information about the assets checked. Therefore, historical data about an asset can be found in a page available for the audit manager. To know more information about the audits ran in specific assets:

Go to the home page

Click on the eye icon next to an audit

Click on details hyperlink next to an asset from the audit chosen

Click on the list icon upper in the asset thumbnail box

A new page will display with the audit summary for the selected asset:

In this example you can see the asset previewed was checked in three different audits that are visible on the left boxes: #9, #7 and #6. In there you will find the result and the date-time when it was finished.

Show check details hyperlink under the audit date will preview more information about the audit, e.g. check type, expected result configured in veriflies and values found in the DAM.

On the right side you will find the asset thumbnail and the metadata matching between veriflies and your DAM.

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  • 27-Dec-2018