How to create a custom expression check type?

With custom expression (Advanced) function veriflies offers you the possibility of requesting metadata in your DAM to use it for an audit. This option allows you to go further in technical controls than other standardized functions in veriflies as you set the queries yourself. It requires a bit of expertise but you can contact us directly and we will be happy to help you.

 Go to definitions tab where you can set an audit by clicking on the add new button.

A new form displays on your screen with four main boxes to set: audit basic data, audit scheduler configuration, dam query, audit rule check list, and definition-specific metadata role settings. We described these boxes in another article. After filling them in continue setting a custom expression as described in the next step.

 Choose the custom expression (advanced) function in check type field. For example, let's use the function to test if the width (in pixels) of every asset multiplied by its height (in pixels) is bigger than a specific value, let's say 10000.

Enter the query below in the field expression:

asset.getMetadataValue('File properties: Height') * asset.getMetadataValue('File properties: Width')

Select the option "Greater than" in comparison.

In value enter 10000 as we defined in our example on step 3.

Enter a check error message that will help you understand the type of audit you are applying and click on save button at the bottom.

Now your audit is set and it is visible on the home page.