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How to configure deliveries?

With veriflies your deliveries are configurable with different metadata that will feed your DAM assets. This means you can configure the delivery form as you want to collect specific assets information from the content producers as long as the metadata is available.

  To do this, go to Mapping tab

  This tab is structured in two types of information.

First, the information in the grey box at the top which is called "available metadata". In this box you will find all the metadata from your DAM that describes your assets.

Second, the information in the blue boxes below are sections available in the delivery form. For instance, you have a box called "delivery form section: media description"

  To start configuring the delivery form drag one of the tags on the available metadata and drop it in the blue box where you want this field to appear in the delivery section. For instance, here the metadata "Description" was positioned into the "Delivery form section: Media requirements"

  To undo the action, drag back the tag to the initial box "Available metadata"

  When finishing the modifications click on save

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  • 21-Apr-2019